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Mathy's Application
« on: August 01, 2015, 01:02:58 pm »
Hello Archaic Community!

This is my application for staff player on the server :) . I know I'm totally new on the server but I'm well known on most new RSPS that are now known and on big forums (runelocus, rune-server, etc).

In-game Name: Mathy

Real-Life Name: Matt

Age: 16

Time Zone: Eastern Time

Who am I? I am a coder, developper, model (RSPS :P) designer (items) on any kind of revision (from 317 to 800+). I've been on RSPS since about 5 years and I'm known to help new RSPS become big.

What I can bring to the server: Players, knowledge that I have about Deathlypvpz or any kind of RSPS it is, help to new players, help owners with coding they don't want to do because they have other stuff to do and much much more :D .  Also bug reports to owners.

When Am I available? About 5-10 hours per day

Extra Informations: I'm very friendly, rarely unhappy and always there to help with bugs, glitches, ect.. My skype is sakoofortin for more informations.

Thanks and I hope to see you in-game! :D

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